Pricing Options

Pricing options for any additions to our pricing plans. The pricing below is on top of the plan rate.

SMS Mobile Message Packs

SMS Credits - 250 Pack ($0.10 per/sms)250$25.00
SMS Credits - 500 Pack ($0.10 per/sms)500$50.00
SMS Credits - 1000 Pack ($0.10 per/sms)1000$100.00
SMS Credits - 1500 Pack ($0.10 per/sms)1500$150.00
SMS Credits - 2000 Pack ($0.10 per/sms)2000$200.00
Please Note: SMS Credit Packs do not expire and are non-refundable.

Additional Clients

You can add more client contacts in our system starting from $100.00 per month for 100 additional customers.

Additional Locations*

Add another location at $20.00 per location / per month.

Additional Staff

You can add more staff in our system at $10.00 per staff member per month.

Import Your Data

We can migrate and import your existing appointment booking software data into bookappt and have your business continuing without disruption. Contact us at bookappt for a quote.

* For Business, Business + & Premium Plans Only.