Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about bookappt.

What is bookappt?

Our platform bookappt allows your business to easily book in and manage your client appointments and details.

Who is bookappt suitable for?

Any business or individual (sole trader) that requires easy management of their client bookings and appointments and to schedule any day or time for their clients.

Where is bookappt based?

We are based in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.

Is the bookappt website safe?

Yes, Look for the padlock and "https" in the address bar to ensure that you're using the secure site.

Does bookappt allow payment via invoice?

We will only issue invoices for payments on 12 month plans (yearly) and includes any plan additions paid on a yearly basis. Our service we will not commence until the full invoice amount has been paid.

What are my payment options?

We have 2 payment options, either credit card (visa, mastercard, amex) or invoice. Please note any pricing on our site is shown as per month, however card charges are done every 3, 6 or 12 months with invoicing done yearly.

Does my bookappt plan renew automatically?

For plans that are paid via credit card, they will be automatically renewed until you cancel. However bookappt plans that were paid via Invoice, you will have to pay the full amount when issued to renew your plan.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes your credit card details are safe. Our system does not store any details relating to your credit card.
Our site is PCI compliant and uses Stripe as our provider.

Can I upgrade to another plan?

Yes, however you will need to contact bookappt to upgrade your plan.

Can I add more staff?

Yes, you can add more staff either purchasing a staff pack or upgrading your plan.

Can I add more client contacts?

Yes, you can add more clients either purchasing a client contact pack or upgrading your plan.

Can I add another location?

Yes, you can purchase additional locations as part of your plan.

Can I send SMS reminders?

Yes, the SMS reminder feature is only available to be purchased on the Starter, Business, Business Plus or Enterprise Plans.

How can I cancel my service with bookappt?

You will need to log in to My Account and select cancel on the next invoice. Your service will then cancel on the due date of your invoice.

Can I get a refund?

As bookappt terms of the contract (and the length) is the term of the payment duration, no refund is available. If you are unhappy with the service, we can offer a full refund on your contract term as long as you notify us on or before 7 days of using our service.

Does bookappt phone or email asking for personal information?

At bookappt we do not contact you or your clients asking or requesting for personal details or information. If this does occur please contact us to report it, as this would be likely a scam and not from us at bookappt.

Does bookappt phone or email asking for payment of services from my clients?

At bookappt we do not contact your clients asking or requesting any details relating to payment for any form of payment including credit card or banking information. If this does occur please contact us to report it, as this would be likely a scam and not from us at bookappt.

Anything relating to payment is only sent to the main contact person within the business. Please refer to the bookappt booklet for how to complete payment. If you have any concerns, please raise them and contact us at bookappt before proceeding.

Will you sell my information?

No, at bookappt we will not sell or trade your business, personal or your client details or information to external companies or third parties.

Can you help me move my old appointment software to bookappt?

Yes we can migrate your information into bookappt. Contact us at bookappt and we can discuss how we can help you move over to us.

Does bookappt integrate with other platforms?

Check out how bookappt integrates with other software.

For any other questions that are not covered on our FAQ page, please contact us at bookappt.

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