Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Basic steps for your business to undertake during this period.

Check this blog post frequently for updates. Send any questions your business may have via our contact us page.

Basic Business Practices To Enforce

  • If you are sick, have been in contact or just back from holidays - stay home and self isolate.
  • Appoint another person to take charge if you the business owner takes leave for illness.
  • To assist with staffing, where appropriate put in place a staff roster system.

Daily Briefings
If any of your staff members are sick, they are to go home and recover - managers to enforce this.
Ask your staff to complete common hygiene practices between customers and address common concerns daily as this unfolds.

General Hygiene
Wash after every use.
Ask customers if they are sick, have been in contact or just back from holidays and advise they can re-schedule and that it's ok to do so.

Social Distancing
This will be different for different types of businesses, however rule currently is at 1 person for every 4 square meters. Turn off every second machine to help enforce spacing between people.

Businesses with shop-fronts need to calculate how many people are allowed within your premises.

  • Personal Trainers: You are allowed to conduct one on one training sessions (3 or more is now banned). Group training is also banned. Use social distancing for your workouts.

  • Hairdressers: Use every second / third chair for Hair Salons - Use appointment bookings to help reduce people in your salon. 1 person for every 4 square meters. Appointments limiting of 30 minutes have now been lifted, appointments can be conducted as normal providing the salon carry out proper hygiene habits and social distancing.

  • Beauticians, Massage, Spas: You have been advised that your premises must now be closed.
    Refer to the Basic Business Closure Process.

Basic Business Closure Process
If you are advised to close your business, ensure to do a deep clean of the shop before closing and have equipment ready to be re-cleaned when this ban has been lifted at a later date.

Contact all your current and upcoming appointments and advise them that no bookings can be taken and their upcoming appointment is to be cancelled. Add this information into your normal social media channels advising about the closure.

Turn off power to all non-essential equipment.

All food should also be removed from the premises when closing and to have the staff kitchen area cleaned properly. Any fridges to be either left on or turned off and door left open - ensure to empty your fridge contents.

Place signage up saying your closed until further notice, and have one main contact point (via social media) to keep people informed of your business and for them to check back for when your business is back to normal and reopened.

Rubbish to be removed from premises. Remember to put out bins out and take them back in the following day (during the next council rubbish collection day) once your business has been closed. Keep bins empty.

Make sure that you are informed as this progresses and visit the government website for further details around updates and any changes to them. Information about what businesses can undertake may vary between different states.

- Take care and stay safe from the bookappt team.

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