Manage Your Appointments

Keep on top of your appointments.

Managing your time effectively and your clients is important part of your business and to ensure that your able allocate enough time for their appointment. Have a look at the time it takes for a particular type of service and set aside the amount of time it should take.

Utilising appointment booking software like bookappt can assist with both managing and reminding both yourself and your clients.

Plan for your day, ensure that you have everything ready before your first appointment for the day. Some of the ways to manage your appointments is to check the day before on how many clients, when the first appointment starts and if you have the necessary supplies.

Allow for some “buffering”, no not the Netflix and chill version when your waiting for your movie to load but the type that allows your appointments not to overlap too much, ensure to allow enough time to either setup for your next client and / or allow enough travel time.

If your travelling, look at your current address and your destination in google maps and check the time it takes to get there and also factor in peak transit times and add some extra time.

Have your client’s contact details and what they are requesting handy to ensure if you need to update them if your early or late based on your appointment time (client’s appreciate that as much as you).

Using bookappt can assist your business with keeping in touch with your clients and managing your appointments.

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